Tracey Roberts - Rock Climber


The Rock Climber

Tracey Roberts © 2011

The independent musician is constantly climbing the jagged mountain of the music business, often teetering on the edge of the rocks.
Driven by fire and blood red passion, always reaching for the sun, it is a journey riddled with highs and lows, lurking sharks, vultures and
exotic women ... trips of many kinds, technology and demons, glamour, gloss and ultimately, decrepitude.  But by God ... there are guitars!

583mm x 410mm (1/25)

1000mm x 700mm (2/25)

1425mm x 1000mm (1/10)

Unframed size


(you can purchase the largest size 1425mm x 1000mm using Bitcoins)

(and mobiles can scan its QR code)

Tracey Roberts - Rock climber via Bitcoin