Musicians / Combos


Tracey sings not only as a solo artist. The different musical groups she performs in combine her lyrical vocals and jazz-infused piano playing style with some of Melbourne's most talented and highly professional musicians.

All of these combinations of performers create a great atmosphere with their respective passionate styles, musicality and cheerful personalities.

Tracey chooses the musicians to perform with depending on the nature and genre of the performance and concert.

The Tracey Roberts Quartet / Trio / Duo

Herft, Geri, Roberts & Smith

Alive & Gigging

Tracey performs with / has also performed with:

Drums / percussion
Robert Mercer, Ron Sandilands, David Hicks, Zoltan Almady, Barnaby Gold, Jordan Scotney, John Perri and Anthony Baker

Saxophones / flute / clarinet
Lachlan Davidson, Jon Magill, Rachel Nendick and Tony Buchanan

Double bass
Leon Heale, Gary Costello, Frank Di Sario, David Krycer, Annette Jenko-Yates, Hermann Schwaiger and Ian Wilmot

Electric bass
Mike Mathews, Andy Eames, Stuart Semmens and Phil Smith

Vocalist / guitarists
JoJo Smith, Suzette Herft, Maria Forde, Janette Geri, Bruce Watson, Chloe Hall, Penelope Swales, Neesy Smith, Michelle Chandler, Riley Jordan, C J Donovan (USA) and Christina Green

ade ishs, Linda O'Brien


Hayley Anderson, Julia de Jong

Louise Godwin

The Nicholas Chamber Orchestra

The Jon Magill Jazz Orchestra

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