Fly me to the Moon

12 Tracey Roberts Artworks will be landing on the Moon

The Polaris Collection is heading to the Lunar South Pole in 2024 on the SpaceX / Astrobotic Technologies Griffin Lander / NASA VIPER Rover.


In December 2021, I was fortunate to have had an article published about my art and synesthesia for an American online Arts magazine called "O Muse!" which included 12 pieces of synesthetic selected from my body of art work. An author / musician friend of mine, Beth Patterson, put Diana Thornton (The Editor of O Muse!) in touch with me and Diana subsequently wrote a fabulous article and put my "Autumn Uke" on the front cover of the Winter Solstice 2021 issue.

You can read the article here

Now... this article and these artworks are literally going to the moon!

Dr. Samuel Peralta, a Canadian physicist, best-selling author, visionary and entrepreneur, in collaboration with NASA, has created The Lunar Codex, where time capsules are being flown to the moon on 4 separate space missions - containing a massive collection of art, books, music and more, from over 30,000 creatives all around the world (on Nanofiche: Space-Age Archival Storage), including the first six editions of the #OMuse! E-Magazine.

This project is called The Lunar Codex, and it’s a great read – check out their website

These 12 artworks will be sent in the Polaris time capsule payload on the SpaceX / Astrobotic Griffin / NASA VIPER rover mission to the Lunar South Pole in November 2024.

These artworks below are normally available to purchase as limited edition prints on archival paper but because of this new project, I am making these particular pieces available as a special edition on unique plant-based papers, beautifully hand made by "Down to Earth" paper farmers based in Japan, South America and Mexico.

If you are interested in owning a piece of art that will literally be on the moon, please contact me so we can discuss the options.

I will always look at the moon slightly differently now, and I'll never be able to sing “Fly me to the moon” again without a smile on my face.

To see the complete artwork, please click on the image (detail).

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